Инструкция на фотоаппарат nikon е8800

Also, for all modes except auto and preset, you can fine tune the white balance, from -3 to +3 in 1 step increments. As you lower the number, the colors move toward yellow and red. As you raise the number, images tend to be more blue. Honestly in the heat of watching a surf sequence I often don’t notice that I’ve lost lock since it all happens so fast. The CP8800 is larger, heavier, and bulkier than its predecessor but most won’t mind. Ensure your subject is in the selected AF zone when you first press the shutter since that’s how the camera learns which is your subject. It’s perfectly OK to leave just the center zone selected all the time. There is some purple fringing in certain situations. In some cases, images are underexposed when using the fully automatic mode. The SOFTWARE is protected by Japanese copyright law and international copyright laws and treaties. Back to the tour now. At the top-right of the photo above you’ll find three more buttons plus the shutter release with the power switch wrapped around it.

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Targets heading directly towards or away from you are most difficult. With In-Camera Red-Eye Fix activated, photographers will see most common red-eye photos rapidly diminishing or disappearing entirely from their pictures. In fact, they may never see red-eye again. The monitor swivel is very handy- i’d say indespensible. Unfortunately, there’s no central-area magnification to make manual focusing easier. Best Shot Selector set to sharpness makes it feasible to handhold the camera for surprisingly long exposures — I’ve routinely handheld 1/2 second exposures and gotten good results with Coolpix cameras. The 8800, however, is the camera I carry with me most days, because of its versatility and the great images it is capable of producing.

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The 8800’s manual notes that the time to save the resulting image to the card more than doubles with Noise Reduction enabled. Atop the handgrip is the shutter-release button with concentric on-off lever, an EV adjustment button, a flash-mode key, and a Function button (Func) that can activate a user-defined feature, such as white balance or ISO setting. You can put it in burst mode and take several images while it is saving.There is no CF card included with the camera. Once you’ve learned the placement and use of the controls, you’ll find that trips to the menu are pleasantly few and far between. Moving to the right, we find the LCD info display. One remaining feature that may still seem to be «missing» relative to Nikon speedlights is external-flash-based autofocus assist illumination.

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The main screen is your typical photo organizer, letting you put photos in folders, give them keywords for easy searching later, rotate them, etc. For me, the 8800’s greatest two «flaws» are slow speed and high noise in dim light. It is relatively slow to focus, especially at long zoom lengths, if you do not pre-focus. It is slow to record, especially if you shoot a series of images. The short movie feature is better in quality than past cameras and very handy. Feel free to use Aperture priority or whatever else works for you. FLASH Rear Flash Sync To get a deliberate blur behind a highlighted moving subject choose REAR SYNC. This way the subject is highlighted by the flash and has a blur behind it suggesting speed and motion. Serious digital photographers demand a great deal from their equipment. You can put whatever you want in this menu, and personally I’d move sensitivity and image quality into it, as it takes too much work to change it otherwise.

You can choose between a Bulb setting (allowing the shutter to be held up to ten minutes) or a Timed Release option with settings of 30 seconds and 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Direct USB Connection 1 Turn the camera off and insert the formatted memory card into the COOLPIX 8800. For information on formatting memory cards, see the Nikon Guide to Digital Photography with the COOLPIX 8800. 2 Set the USB option in the camera setup menu to Mass storage. Shutter lag was not a problem, even at slower shutter speeds. These commissions do not affect how we test, rate or review products. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. The camera takes a still photo at a set interval, and throws it into a silent movie up to 35 seconds in length (at the VGA resolution). The interval can be 10 sec, 30 sec, or 1, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. While not the best example, hopefully you an see the difference in the crops above. Digital Camera Home > Digital Camera Reviews > Nikon Digital Cameras > Nikon Coolpix 8800 By: Shawn Barnett & Dave EtchellsNikon improves on its flagship 8 megapixel prosumer camera with a longer zoom and vibration reduction to improve long handheld shots.

Gone are those tiny buttons that were so annoying (in my opinion) on the 5700 and 8700. Manual focus There’s just one button here and it’s the AF button. The feature also works as expected when auxiliary wide-angle or telephoto add-ons are attached but not when a fish-eye adapter is used. Battery life (approx.) 240 images (EN-EL7; based on CIPA standard*)*Industry standard for measuring life of camera batteries. There is a new battery model- needed for the more power hungry 8800. If your coming from a smaller MP camera, the 8MP’s value is in allowing you to crop in software and still get a sharp print. Program mode Camera chooses shutter speed and aperture. Подобных промахов автоматического экспонирования вы не встретите в фотоаппарате HP Photosmart R817, но в этом устройстве в глаза бросается другая проблема — сильное «замыливание» и низкая детализация сделанных кадров. You cannot use the zoom lens while filming. Center-Weighted metering measures light from the entire frame but places the greatest emphasis on a circular area in the center. Published Jan 4, 2005 | The Coolpix 8800 was announced along with the 8400 and 4800 on the 16th September in the run-up to Photokina 2004. It’s the first ten times optical zoom eight megapixel digital camera and it’s also Nikon’s first consumer digital camera with Vibration Reduction technology.

The shorter delay is great for those times when you’re talking a long exposure on a tripod, and want to use the self-timer to trip the shutter so you won’t jiggle the camera. One thing I wanted to mention about the high speed continuous shooting mode is that the LCD/EVF is off during shooting, making following a moving subject impossible. The F8 value may not be available near the telephoto end of the lens. Click here to Agree to License and start download Confirming firmware version 1. Open the camera monitor. 2. Rotate the mode dial to SET UP and turn the camera on. 3. The setup menu will be displayed in the monitor. Despite that it’s easy to hold and operate. It features a flip-out LCD display and an electronic viewfinder, both with average resolution. 5.0 out of 5 starsLove the 8800!Byon December 3, 2004I have owned the Nikon 8800 for two months now and I do love this camera—sharp photos, accurate color, and good ergonomics. Shutter lag is minimal but this camera is a little slow in writing to card. Technically is wasn’t possible to equip the Coolpix 8800 with an optical viewfinder because of the large optical zoom lens. So in stead it features an electronic viewfinder, in fact it’s a mini LCD monitor. For some evil reason only known to the cruel marketing folks at Nikon, they made an incompatible (with the D70 that is…) battery pack for this camera. Had amera for over a week now, tried out closeups, product photography – studio conditions and night photography.

The Coolpix 8400 really blows the 8800 away in this area. The good news it that you see the same thing that you would on the LCD (including menus) and that it shows 97% of the frame without parallax error. Use a filter for protection and skip the polarizers unless you really need them for a deliberate effect. ISO Use whatever ISO you need with digital cameras. You’ll notice this if you take pictures of things like buildings, where they appear to curve, instead of going straight up. No redeye — way to go Nikon! There’s no center-frame enlargement, either, which is handy for checking focus. Normal mode operates only when you take the picture, and its intelligence detects the difference between intended motion (such as panning) and unintentional movement (camera shake), correcting only the latter. You can use all the features except the focus assist of these flashes, but you already have a good focus assist light on the camera.Negatives? I find the placement of the function button awkward, but all the other buttons and dials are very well placed.

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