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When used in conjunction with air conditioning, it circulates cold air around the room further and faster – saving energy. «> Precise temperature control. The on/off button is labeled 運転/停止 (pronounced “unten/teishi” and literally meaning “operation/suspension”). Sometimes this button will be labeled 運転 切/入 or just 切/入. Press this button once and the A/C will come on. Thinking it’s more expensive to send me another one, I ask to speak to a supervisor. The contractor has informed us there is a slight leak on the second unit at this time they cannot detect the exact location of leak. I contacted Nordyne Inc. and received lack of response, no concern and blame game. Service tech told me that custom cooling does not carry this line any longer. During development and testing, engineers used a semi-anechoic chamber to measure sound power levels, and high-speed cameras to help identify and visualise airflow turbulences. «> All AM09 Fan Heaters have: Shop the Dyson fan heater range Fastest even room heating, powerful cooling. The new Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater has been engineered to be 75% quieter than the previous generation. To lower noise levels, streamlined airflow paths direct air through the machine with greater efficiency and reduced turbulence. And in summer, it uses Air Multiplier™ technology to amplify surrounding air. «> One-touch cooling mode.

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The room temperature goes up 6-10 degrees depending on outside temp. Now with Jet Focus control. «> Shop now Shop the Dyson fan heater range Fastest even room heating, powerful cooling. They gave me tel. no. of Frigidaire customer service. Frigidaire is owned by LG. I will never buy another Frigidaire appliance if that is what I have to go thru for help.Helpful?YesNoBought their 25,000 BTU unit for attached porch on mobile home.

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This was not a cheap unit to purchase. First cleaning needed a acid wash because of mold — 400.00. Second cleaning needed a complete cleaning so bad. That much is understandable, however if I paid for the repair and then produced the receipt they will not reimburse me the repair costs even though it would prove the product was faulty. Asked custom cooling what they were going to do to make me happy. Lowe’s gladly gave us our money back immediately. This last unit turns the compressor on for 5 minutes and shuts it off for 3 minutes.

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This year here they come again and say mold again. The Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater is effective all year, so there is no need to store away.Powerful heat projection for fast even room heating in winter. The latest one was bad out of the box. The buttons may not be in the same place, so take a close look at the kanji.

They are now down to 50% operating capability after 2 years of ownership and hundreds of dollars spent. Consumers are financially burdened and contractors are losing business and/or their companies due to these issues.Helpful?YesNoI bought a Frigidaire ac from Lowe’s for $475.94. The ac worked fine for 1 year. I live in Des Moines, Iowa and so have it soar past the 100 degree mark. You too can have a moment of triumph such as this by using this guide on how to use your Japanese air-conditioning. Most remote controls have the same basic functions, so I will be using my own remote control as an example. What a runaround just to get some response & resolution! I have never had such poor customer service in 58 years, which is why I’m taking the time to write this. The men and woman who design these units should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, my husband against my strong advice decided to upgrade to a 6000 BTU. I did not want to purchase another Frigidaire period… Well, it’s a month later and my new unit which just turned a month old just decided for no reason to die. No on or off. That’s way too much compared to the AC cost. However, labor costs are the consumer’s responsibility which is very costly.

Recently one of our coils had a leak and required replacement. Scheduled 2 guys to come fix the leak — office staff at Blue Ridge were not friendly and seemed unconcerned just doing a job.Today 2 technicians came out to weld leak. Tried all troubleshooting, i.e. reset, nothing… Got to take it out again, drive another 50 miles to return. Previously had GE unit which gave great service for 12 years. Now I see why everyone laughs at purchasing an extended warranty.Helpful?YesNoI bought a Frigidaire air conditioner from PC Richards last week. Won’t make that mistake again.Helpful?YesNoLRA187MT2 — The long and short of it is that the so-called ECON mode doesn’t work. In regular mode it does fine…plenty cold and not too noisy. Additionally, a lawyer documented an article in a local paper regarding a consumer complaint. Way to go Frigidaire.Helpful?YesNoI bought a Frigidaire Air Conditioner on August 6, 2012 and at that time purchased an extended warranty. The unit is running at 60%??? It maybe 25000 BTU but you can’t get the compressor to stay running long enough to cool 700 sq ft let alone 1600 sq ft.. Take if from me, I have owned 4 of these units now. The temperature will be displayed, possibly along with other settings.

After being placed on a brief hold, she stated that the black mold is part of the maintenance of the AC unit and the handbook states it. With the receipt Lowe’s would replace if bought within the last 12 months and Frigidaire would repair within the last 24 months, but without it I’d have to pay. I purchased a 15000 BTU in window AC for $525 + tax last year. Set the unit on Econ Mode to 68 degrees and the unit will just turn off while the room is 70 plus degrees. The house was full of black smoke and Smallwood burnt plastic. We, by the grace of God were able to get it out. Call customer service — they sent a technician from Blue Ridge Heating and Hearth, he diagnosed the problem but didn’t fix. You can take them OUT OF THE WINDOWS and drive them to BEST BUY and perhaps they can send them out to be fixed, but maybe not. This is so, so, so messed up. I don’t have ALL the money in the world. I’m NOT RICH. I had to do what I had to do. I have a child that can’t be in the heat and muggy weather we have here. He won’t be able to breathe. During summer, my faithful A/C had kept my room at a refreshing temperature, but upon turning the A/C on in the winter, nothing happened. Problem 2 came about 2 years later when the coil began to leak (changed 4 times). About my fourth year, the compressor went out (changed 2 times). Now it’s 2014 — coil leaking & compressor is out.

Press the down arrow or minus sign to lower the temperature. Thanks to my AMAZING Grandmother today I purchased a Norpole 12,000 BTU and the reviews I see are amazing. This air conditioner is not made to be opened. This unit was junk from the day I bought it. Now the mold covers about a third of the styrofoam. My eyes burn and I have been coughing so I don’t turn it on. The following are standard operations included on many Japanese air-conditioners. They charge $95 just to show up even though it takes a few seconds to plug it in. One broke after 1 year and another 1 broke this year. Hopefully this Japanese air-conditioner guide can help you create a warm space of your own this winter.

Since the purchase with my quote FREE cleanings there is always a problem. They just refund the money paid upon proof of valid receipt after 30 days. I informed them that this is not in the warranty literature. Yesterday, all customer support staff were unavailable per message. Set it at 72 degrees and the room is 80 and the compressor would not go on; even if turned down to 65. Barely worked for 3 years and the fan motor blew out. No warranty coverage and repairs would be as much as buying a new unit.

When the Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater isn’t heating, it’s cooling. It’s simply one touch to switch to cooling mode using the remote control. They acknowledged that fact but stated that they have an internal policy that states they will not repair 12000 BTU or lesser air conditioners. I asked for a copy of this language and they did not provide such. Many Leopalace remote controls are also like this. The Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater lets you select the target temperature to the degree and uses an intelligent thermostat to maintain your desired temperature – it’s energy efficient heating, so there’s no wasted energy. «> Safe – no fast-spinning blades. Was told they would find a repair service for me and I would be contacted in 3 to 4 days. So after 4 days and no call, I called back to their «no customer service» which is not a 1-800 number but long distance call. Now with Jet Focus Control. «> Effective for personal use. Change Type of Operation (運転切換) On my remote control, the type of operation (auto-run, heating, cooling, etc.) is displayed on the screen. Using an intelligent thermostat, the Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater maintains your target temperature while you sleep. Or you can set it to turn off using the built-in sleep timer after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. «> Engineered to be 75% quieter. They should refund faulty parts and they should reimburse service costs if it can be established that the service was covered under warranty.Helpful?YesNoI have two Frigidaire Air conditioners and we had the Air tested because our AC guy said it was mold. The only way I could get it to stop was to unplug it from the wall. It also has mold on the inside. Bet I won’t purchase another one… I’ll take my money and cut my losses.Helpful?YesNoIn 2008, we had two Frigidaire air conditioner units installed in our house; problems began in 2009 and continue.

The compressor cycles on and off before the room ever reaches the desired setting. Never again! Do yourself a favor and stay away from these poorly designed units. That is what I’m talking about. I have a child to take care of. The 5 ton was replaced in 2014, the 2.5 ton will be replaced next week. Not yet deceive on repair or new unit from another source. Do not buy a Frigidaire product.Helpful?YesNoSave your money on the extended warranty from Electrolux. The TECH wouldn’t UV lighting for 3,000.00. Had someone else install and clean it for 660.00 — included a cleaning. They offered $100 off of the repair estimate. So after owning the unit for 38 months I have had two major component failures. Both units completely failing in less than 8 years.