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Entering a Dialling Pause (P) If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it may be necessary to insert a dialing pause. Place the corded handset on the hook to terminate the call. Place the handset in the remote charge unit to charge for 14 hours prior for first use. If you don’t properly charge the phone, battery performance will be compromised. Listed by Underwriters R Laboratories For answers to your Monogram, GE appliance questions, visit our website at ® or call GE Answer Center service, 800.626.2000. ® .8 MWO Access.Trim Kits 24-15/16″ MAX. 24-13/16″ MIN. 15-1/16″ MAX. 14-15/16″ MIN. Side cover Bottom duct GE Profile or ® ™. Move closer to the to the base station: base station. Page 37: Technical Specifications Press EXIT to exit.

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Page 21 Holding Calls / Forwarding Calls If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it is possible to put calls on hold and call other extension lines or to forward calls. Page 19: Call Log Operations Press key to select the required subscriber from the phone book. Trim kits for model JEM31 JX827SS – Stainless Steel, JX827WN – White, JX827CD – Bisque, JX827BN – Black Installation Information: This information is not intended to be used for installing unit described. Note: 120V, 60-cycle, grounded power receptacle location optional on back within cabinet opening. Press ◄CID or REDIAL► key to view latest/earlier record. Or press EXIT key to exit. Or press CLEAR key to delete the record. Or press and hold CLEAR key 2 seconds to delete all records. Page 8 If batteries are empty, handset LCD will not has any display and the handset will not response to any key. The handset is outside No radio connection the base station range. Press key to select the submenu ‘Prefix mem’… Page 26: Default Settings, Key Assignment Overview, Registering Additional Handsets Default Settings If selected, the handset settings which you have changed are returned to their default values.

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Page 1 – 0 –… Page 2 Precautions of Use The quality of communication depends on the location and environment of the base and the handset. Default Settings Press key until the BASE menu appears and press “INT/OK”… Page 29 Making External Call Normal Dialing Pick up the corded handset and dial the telephone number. The “Aerial” icon starts flashing. If a base is found, user will be asked to enter the personal identification number PIN for that base. Page 34 Teleconference (Cored base station to Handset) After have received an external call, it is possible to include a cordless handset in the conversation (three way conference). press “PAGE” key and press [1 or 2 or 3 or 4], the handset number you want to call. Press “R” key to put the call on hold and dial the extension number (e.g. Page 22: Paging The Handset, Phone Book, Store Entries Paging the Handset If a handset has been misplaced, it is possible to call all the handsets. Все магазины в списке работают с бесплатной доставкой.Дополнительно, вы можете скачать бесплатно: инструкции, мелодии, описания и руководства для телефоноов. You should return them to your reseller or dispose of them at an approved recycling centre. Do not attempt to open the batteries, as they contain chemical substance. Troubleshooting Guide When you forget base PIN, following the procedure to Reset the units. ALL MEMORY AND SETTING WILL BE LOST. Page 39 No display. Press a digit to specify which handset (1~4) to call to. Key assignment overview Character Space 1… Page 32 Or press and hold CLEAR key 2 seconds to delete Memory l to 10 (not apply to M1 memory). “ERASE ALL” is shown.

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Page 3 ! Do not use your telephone to notify a gas leak when you are in the vicinity of the leak. It is recommended that you avoid using this device during electrical storms. Press * key longer keystroke. than 2 seconds. Before installing, consult installation instructions packed with product for current dimensional data. Phone jack AC power outlet Corded unit rear side view CAUTION: Plug the adapter to the socket outlet that near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.

Press CLEAR or SELECT key again to confirm List Entry/ Edit Entry/ Delete Entry Press MENU key, press ◄ or ► until PHONE BOOK appears. After selecting “REGISTER”, the handset starts searching for a base station which is available for registration. Press SELECT key when finish. . Set DATE FORMAT Press MENU key, press ◄ or ► key until SETTINGS appears. Page 6: Connecting The Charging Station Only use the connection cable supplied. Specification Revised 7/04 240349 Accessory Trim Kits for .8 MICROWAVE OVENS JX37B–JEM31M 1.0 cu. ft.

Page 30 Redial Memory Access Press REDIAL key to access the redial memory. Note: 1. The CALL LOG icon and display indicator disappear only after browsing through all the entries. Press ◄ or ► key to view latest/earlier record. NEW icon ON indicate the record is a new NEW icon Off indicate the record is a old Or press EXIT key to exit Or press CLEAR key to delete the record. Page 33 Press CID key . Note: If there is no record in the memory, “NO CALL” will display. This number is then recalled after pressing and hold “0” key for two seconds. These microwave ovens can be installed on practically any wood or metal cabinets. Never use a dry cloth as this can cause static discharge. Functions Speakerphone If speakerphone is on, this LED is on. In-Use Light up in conversation. Page 28 Enter old PIN (0000) and press “INT/OK” key. Press key as often as necessary until the HANDSET menu appears. Press ◄ or ► key to select the submenu DATE FORMAT and press SELECT key.

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