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This can be switched to another metering mode. Полезные ссылки Полезная информация Вам также может понравиться… Для улучшения нашего сайта поддержки клиентов Canon просим вас высказать свое мнение в этом небольшом опросе. This is convenient for focusing accurately on an off-center subject to obtain the composition you desire. Single Images Select an image using the main dial or arrow on the omni selector and mark or remove marks from images using the arrow on the omni selector. A check mark appears on the marked image. The shooting interval time can be set from 1 to 60 minutes and 2 to 100 images can be shot. Images are shot with the focus position changing in the following order: selected position, further away and closer. Visualizza gamma Per chi cerca gli standard più alti, la nostra gamma professionale offre il massimo per qualità dell’immagine e prestazioni. Perform the same steps on the other side of the camera (p. 11). Avoid waving the camera about or catching it on other items when suspending it from the strap.

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Evaluative Metering Center-Weighted Averaging Center Spot AE Point AF Point Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlit scenes. Focus the camera with the manual focus, then press the SET button. Recording stops when the set amount of time has passed. Page 161 Select the image you wish to register using the arrow or on the omni selector. The set up menu will close and the Print Order menu will reappear. This is useful for downloading images to a computer in which the software is not installed. Page 100: Changing The Photo Effect Changing the Photo Effect Mode Dial You can shoot with different photo effects. ) Photo Effect Off Vivid Neutral Low Sharpening Sepia Custom Effect The icons in parentheses are the ones on the display panel. Please set the ND filter to [On] and use the separately sold Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX or the Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX for flash photography in the macro mode. The people are illuminated with light from the flash while the backdrop is captured at a slow shutter speed so that both appear correctly exposed.

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Page 156: Downloading Directly From A Cf Card Downloading Directly from a CF Card Double-click the icon of the drive with the CF card. Page 99 Select (Custom1) or (Custom2) using the main dial or arrow on the omni selector. Select * (Compression) or L* (Resolution) using the arrow on the omni selector. * The current setting is displayed. Page 124: Resetting The File Numbers Images are assigned file numbers from 0001 to 9900, and folders are assigned folder numbers from 100 to 998 (folder numbers cannot contain 99 in the last two digits). DCIM CANON CANON CANON CANON Folder numbers cannot contain 99 in the last two digits. Page 33: Basic Functions, Turning The Power On/off Basic Functions Turning the Power On/Off The power/mode indicator remains lit while the power of the camera is on. Page 35: Switching Between Shooting And Playback Turning on the camera without the start-up sound and image Press and hold the button, then turn on the power. Page 91: Manually Setting The Shutter Speed And Aperture Manually Setting the Shutter Speed and Aperture You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to achieve a particular effect. Compose and shoot the second image so that it overlaps the first. Page 27 CF Card Handling Precautions CF cards are high-precision electronic devices. Do not bend, force, or subject them to shocks or vibration. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter a CF card. Selecting a Continuous Shooting Mode In the [ (Rec.)] menu, select… Page 85: Program Ae, Shooting – Selecting Particular Effects Shooting – Selecting Particular Effects Camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture value can be freely changed for shooting. Page 121 Settings that can be saved to the • Shooting Mode (P, Tv, Av and • Rec. menu settings • Manual Focus location Turn the mode dial to P, Tv, Av or M. Set the setting contents you wish to save.

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Some cards, such as Compact Flash cards, have a mechanical lock that prevents accidental erasing or writing to the card. Press the MENU button again to close the menu. Page 184 Using the Tele-converter (Sold Separately)/Close-up Lens (Sold Separately) (continued) Setting the Camera Lens to the Most Appropriate Position Turn the mode lever to MENU button. Page 190: Specifications Specifications All data is based on Canon’s testing standard. This product is designed to perform optimally when used with genuine Canon accessories. Page 55 (My Camera) Menu You can select the theme, start-up image and sound, shutter sound, operation sound and selftimer sound used on this camera. Slide the lock on your memory card to the unlocked position. For details, see Registering the My Camera Settings (p. Page 51 Menu Item Sets the duration before the self-timer releases the shutter once the shutter button Self-timer is pressed. 10 sec. Page 179 Release buttons Release buttons Flash Heads Attach the conversion lens adapter so that its lens’ and turn it in the direction of the arrow until meets If you plan to attach Close-up Lens 500D (p. 178), do it after you attach this adapter. Page 94: Switching Between Light Metering Modes Switching between Light Metering Modes Mode Dial Evaluative Metering is the default light metering mode.

Nine images appear at once (index playback). Change the image selection by turning the main dial or using the selector. You can shoot subjects in Super Macro mode when the distance from the tip of the lens to the subject is in the following range: 3 to 30 cm (1.2 in. Power Saving Function This camera is equipped with a power saving function. The picture appears for two seconds on the LCD monitor (or in the viewfinder). Page 59 Switching between the LCD Monitor and Viewfinder While the Image is Displayed You can switch between the LCD monitor and viewfinder by pressing the button. Press the button until on the display panel and appears on the LCD monitor (or in the viewfinder). You can cancel the self-timer by pressing button again. Page 125 Folder File Capacity Each folder usually contains up to 100 images. The number of images may also exceed 100 if a folder contains images copied from a computer or images shot with other cameras. Please refer to your computer manual for information regarding the location of the USB port. Page 74 Shooting Panoramic Images (Stitch Assist) (continued) Shoot the first image. Page 115 Press the arrow on the omni selector, then select the number of shots using the on the omni selector. If you press the omni selector continuously, the number of shots increases in units of 5 shots at a time.

Page 144: Print Order, About Printing Print Settings), and then take the CF card to a participating photo lab to have them printed out later. When formatting the card, some Canon cameras give a low-level formatting option that erases all recordable sectors on the card. Там может есть какие подводные камни при разборке объектива, неподскажите ??? pda2008 Заглянувший Сообщения: 1 28/05/2011 19:17 цитата Здраствуйте! У меня беда. Conversion Lens Adapter LA- DC58C is a combination of rear and front parts, however, use them as a single, joined unit. Page 43: Using The Zoom (focal Length) About the Histogram The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of the recorded image. Avoid Condensation Related Problems Moving the equipment rapidly between hot and cold temperatures may cause condensation (water droplets) to form on its external and internal surfaces.

Page 134: Rotating Images In The Display Rotating Images in the Display Images can be rotated 90° and 270° clockwise on the LCD monitor (or in the viewfinder). Original Select [Rotate] from the [ (Play)] menu. Select the movie you wish to edit and press the SET button. Select L* (LCD monitor/Viewfinder) using the (Display Panel) arrow on the omni selector. * The current setting is displayed. Отключи режим вспышки, поставь максимальный зумм и загляни в объектив, во время съемки должен отработать затвор, если затвор не отработал, то разбирай объектив. Page 2 Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.

Press the FUNC. button and select (LCD monitor/Viewfinder) (Display Panel) Page 101 In this screen, select the item you wish to set using the selector and set it using the on the omni selector. Page 114: Shooting Images At Set Intervals (intervalometer) Shooting Images at Set Intervals (Intervalometer) Mode Dial You can shoot images at a set interval. Пройти опрос Нет, спасибо Canon Поддержка камер PowerShot — Загрузите драйверы, программное обеспечение, руководства Продукты Сервисы Найдите вдохновение Поддержка Copyright 2016. Computer images can be added to the camera using the bundled software program ZoomBrowser EX or ImageBrowser. Хочу поставить мануальную оптику! У тебя получилось??? моё мыло Ответь пожалуйста,если тебе не сложно! ДОБАВЛЕНО 17/07/2011 22:30 Да!Если у кого то на этом форуме был опыт разборки SIGMA DP1 ,помогите! Focusing difficulty In this case, use the focus lock, or manually focus, to shoot (p. Page 46 Pressing the Shutter Button (continued) appears or the AF frame displays in yellow while you press halfway, you can still press fully to take the shot. Refer to the Software Starter Guide for instructions on how to transfer images to your computer. Page 50 Selecting Menus and Settings (continued) Displayed menu items will vary according to the shooting mode and setting contents (p. 202). You can apply a desired image and sound to [ My Camera menu. The greater the bias toward the left in the graph, the darker the image.

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