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Octan also appears in DUPLO, 4 Juniors, Model Team and TECHNIC sets, in addition to traditional System models. In The LEGO Movie, it appears very frequently because its president, President Business, is the movie’s primary antagonist. Two Chicago economists take stock of what’s in store for 2017. Politics Dec 19, 2016 | Nick Blumberg We take a look at city, state and national political news with Chicago Tonight correspondent Paris Schutz, WBBM’s Craig Dellimore and Univision’s Mariano Gielis. Business Dec 19, 2016 | Andrea Guthmann Unemployment is down, the stock market is up and the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. With the manual open on the iPad, he’d find the pieces he needed from his collection, and build the set. Of course we couldn’t always find the right colored brick, but that wasn’t a problem for him – he was just happy to be building something new to him. Culture Dec 20, 2016 | Marc Vitali The creator of “Hamilton” talks about Chicago, “Sesame Street” and his theatrical blockbuster. Brickset members have written 37845 set reviews. 7144 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 15312 in the last 7 days, 25575 in the last month. 472 people have joined this week. The Gembots also qualified for one of two FIRST LEGO League State Competitions, scheduled for January 28 at the University of Illinois! Since we already had an Expedit shelving unit from IKEA (their current Kallax line is very similar), I bought some fabric storage cubes and we set to sorting our LEGOs into categories that would make it easier to find what you needed. 95 members have voted Scraping the Barrel 1 Below Average 1 Average 18 Above Average 36 High Octane! 39 3180 Tank Truck (2010) 26 60016 Tanker Truck (2013) 69 Please sign in or register to vote in this poll. 59 posts in this topic. These are the instructions for building the LEGO City Tanker Truck that was released in 2013. Disclaimer: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies ( ) which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this siteWebsite version: v2.1.0. Site Statistics There are 13904 items in the Brickset database.

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Usually I am the one sorting, but it’s something I can do while I’m hanging out with my son as he builds his latest idea, and while I’m at it I can help him any elusive pieces he might need. Тем же, кому в этот … «Связь с Администрацией сайта» Если у Вас есть жалобы или предложения, связанные с работой сайта, или другие причины для связи с Администр… Новые инструкции. There are containers in some LEGO sets that have the Octan imprint on it. In The LEGO Movie, President Business is the president of Octan. Politics Dec 20, 2016 | Paul Caine As Aleppo falls to Syrian government forces backed by Russia and Iran, we look at the United States’ role in the conflict and the region. What about the manuals? We’ve found old-fashioned three-ring binders and three-hole sheet protectors do a great job of holding the building instructions, and you can sort them however it suits you. Health Dec 15, 2016 | Paul Caine Abuse of opioid-based prescription pain killers, heroin and synthetic substitutes are killing more Americans than ever before.

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Верхняя часть снимается, чтобы можно было легко добраться до внутренних элементов. Joel Weisman and guests discuss these stories and look back at the biggest of the year, from soaring gun violence to the Lucas Museum and the World Champion Cubs. That’s the finding of a new Chicago Tribune investigation. Batman!). This is the vehicle from the Dino series “Raptor Chase” set that my son made with bricks from his own collection. Summer Camps | Skokie Park District Skip to main content Check out all of our Summer Camp options below: For more than 85 years, the Skokie Park District has provided summer camps that focus on adventure, friendship, fun, exploration, discovery and safety. Добавить комментарий Подробнее: Инструкция LEGO 75103 First Order Transporter (Транспорт Первого Ордена). Health Dec 16, 2016 | Kristen Thometz A new study reveals a possible link between African-American women who live in impoverished neighborhoods and the chances of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Politics Dec 15, 2016 | Paris Schutz Could Republicans and some Democrats actually plot to dethrone longtime House Speaker Michael Madigan? The Octan logo as seen on the LEGO tile. Health Dec 19, 2016 | Chicago Tonight More than half of Chicago-area pharmacies tested failed to alert their customers about serious drug interactions. Приготовься воссоздать самые масштабные батальные сцены из фильма Звёздные Войны: Пробуждение Силы! В набор входят 7 минифигурок с различным оружием и аксессуарами: 2 солдата Сопротивления, 2 Пехотинца Первого Ордена, 2 штурмовика Первого Ордена и капитан Фазма.

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Culture Dec 15, 2016 | Marc Vitali The author of “Where the Wild Things Are” upended expectations by depicting menace, anxiety and “wild” behavior in picture books devoured by young people. We visit an exhibition highlighting his long career. Each year, the FIRST LEGO League releases a challenge based on a real-world scientific topic. PoliticsEducation Dec 19, 2016 | Matt Masterson Days after Rahm Emanuel and President-elect Donald Trump met in New York, The Washington Post ran an op-ed Friday penned by Chicago’s mayor in which he called on state and federal partners to focus on boosting school excellence over school choice. Octan is a fictional gas station brand that frequently appears in sets of various themes. It was introduced in 1992. Before this time, Shell was the common gasoline brand featured in LEGO sets. Every summer, the district’s camp program promises to offer yet another exciting experience for the children of Skokie! • Policy and Procedure Manual • 2016 Program Guide • March in the July 4 Parade Art Camp Art! The Skull Twins from the 2009 Space Police III theme have octan printed on their uniforms, which hints the Octan Corporation may have some involvement with criminal activity in the LEGO universe. Teams must program an autonomous robot to complete 13 «missions,» scoring points on a themed playing field, guided by the FIRST LEGO League Core Values: celebrating discovery, teamwork, and gracious professionalism. Culture Dec 19, 2016 | Jay Shefsky Last week, Chicago pianist and singer Charles Goering, known as Barrelhouse Chuck, lost his battle with cancer. He was 58 years old. We revisit our November profile of the longtime bluesman.

After I discovered this treasure trove, whenever my son was itching for a new set, we’d go online and browse the sets to find one he wanted to try, and download the manual to our iPad. Although a fictional brand, Octane is a gasoline rating system, and a hydrocarbon in real life with the molecular formula C8H18. See also See more discussions >. Gemini’s «Gembots» Robotics Team competed for the first time in a qualifier FIRST LEGO League Competition on December 10 in Mt. Prospect — and walked away with multiple honors and awards! Politics Dec 16, 2016 | Chicago Tonight A Chicago alderman is indicted. After two months of hard work, the eight-member team, competing against 34 other teams, won Rookie of the Year and 3rd place overall in the Core Values Interview. Health Dec 19, 2016 | Brandis Friedman Weathering the cold is especially hard on people who live outside. Some of our LEGOs sorted into their categories: minifigs, large, medium, and small plates, bricks, wheels/car parts, and special pieces. Инструкции и схемы Лего, новости, серии Лего Что нового? «Lego ищет рыцарей!» 6-7 февраля в Москве и 22-23 февраля в Санкт-Петербурге начинается прием в Академию LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS&… «Оскар из Лего!» В минувшие выходные состоялось награждение американской киноакадемии, вручали Оскаров. Between us we own 14,707,804 sets worth at least US$391,944,342 and containing 3,730,172,067 pieces.

Politics Dec 19, 2016 | Reuben Unrau Local lawmakers and activists are pushing for Chicago to join a rapidly growing list of cities worldwide that have committed to the fossil fuel divestment movement. Culture Dec 16, 2016 | Reuben Unrau Seven in 10 crime victims surveyed in Illinois prefer a “more balanced approach to public safety,” including shorter sentences and a greater focus on prevention, rehabilitation and trauma recovery. Culture Dec 20, 2016 | Marc Vitali We revisit an interview with actress Geraldine Chaplin, who tells us about making the classic film “Doctor Zhivago,” her experiences in Chicago and her famous father, Charlie Chaplin.