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Select Polygon Given a selected vertex, selects the polygon that contains it. The Lights and Markings tab allows editing of non-sign details on top of base pavements. Note that changing the Size field will change the size of the yellow icon. Airport Sign Name Interpreted as a sign code for these entities. However, it has a few major impacts on your work: You must “build” your scenery pack (which exports all of your work to the X‑Plane file formats) before you will see anything in X-Plane. Note that this works for hierarchy items, so you can duplicate whole groups of items in the hierarchy pane. Больше 4 GB оперативной памяти не требуется, но чем больше у вас отдельной видеопамяти, тем лучше. X-Plane 10 с легкостью потребляет 1,5 GB видеопамяти при максимальных настройках графики. See the apt.dat 1000 file specification for the meaning of the sign codes. Downloading and Installing WorldEditor To use WorldEditor, do the following: Visit the X‑Plane Developer site and download the version of WED for your operating system. Click “ICAO” to sort the list by identifier or “Name” for alphabetical sort.

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Aircraft Takeoff Speeds The following table lists the takeoff speeds for the aircraft available in X‑Plane 10 Mobile. You can also get started with the Cessna in the Takeoff and Landing tutorials. Pilots often fly from NAVAID to NAVAID on long flights, as a VOR is usable from about 50 miles away. OBI: Omni-Bearing Indicator. The Library Preview Pane The library preview pane, numbered 2 in Figure 2, shows an accurate, real-time preview of some (but not all) art assets. Transforming and Rotating Shapes After having created a shape, you can manipulate it: you can stretch it, scale it, or, in some cases, rotate it. To do so, use the marquee tool and select the entity. Forest tool Used to draw forested regions, which may be filled with trees in X‑Plane depending on the user’s forest density settings.

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Next, type a search term in the “filter” box to see all available objects within the pack that include that term. Tap one of the white icons on the globe to select the location for your flight. Mach’s number actually describes the speed of sound through any fluid (that is, liquid or gas). In application to aeronautics, though, it is implied that the fluid is air. Note that X‑Plane will remember what failures you have enabled for every flight until the settings are changed. Open the Edit menu and click Group, or Ctrl or Command + G. Once they are grouped and in place, you can keep them from being accidentally moved by clicking the lock image next to them. Note that X‑Plane does not vary brightness between MIRL, HIRL and LIRL. Distance signs Check this box to have X‑Plane generate distance remaining signs every 1000 feet. Create Match In the “Create Match” screen you can choose all the aspects of a multiplayer match. It functions exactly like setting up a Freeflight: select an aircraft, a region, the weather, the time of day, and any failures you wish to include. Note that at the time of this writing, WED 1.3 is final. Pattern runway The runway to be used for pattern operations.

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Customizing Roads X-Plane uses exactly one road definition (a file) for all roads in a given DSF. One file may define many road types, so subtypes within the road file are used to create variety. Non-directional point tools include the following: Tower viewpoint tool Airport beacon tool Windsock tool Non-directional entities are simply placed by clicking in the map window where you want the entity to be. The icons that control these weapons are shown in the image below. For instance, if you were looking for a specific ATC tower, you might type “control_tower,” with the “airport scenery” pack selected. The base mesh is a textured triangle mesh used to model mountains, water, land, etc. Finally, it details exporting the package for use in X-Plane. The Map Pane The map pane, numbered 5 in Figure 2 above, takes up the largest portion of the window by default. See the section Synchronizing with Other Editors for details on how to do this.

Tap the photo in the upper right corner to see the specific challenges within a category, or tap the white arrow in the bottom left corner to go back to the app home screen. Save it to a location you will be able to find it, like the Desktop. Single-handle nodes have a control handle on one side of the node. Связаться со клиентской службой Перед обращением в службу по телефону или электронной почте рекомендуем свериться с соответствующей инструкцией – X-Plane 10, X-Plane 9 или X-Plane для мобильных устройств, что сэкономит время и вам, и клиентской службе. Using the Gun When firing a gun, be sure to lead opponents or targets–in other words, fire at where they will be, not where they are. Multiplayer Lobby Tap the icon in the bottom right corner that looks like three silhouettes to open a Game Center or Google Play Game Services dialog box.

These are good nodes to merge or the pack may not pass validation. Tilt the device left and right to steer down the center of the runway. Library The library provides a way to locate art assets by a virtual file system, rather than by the physical file system. All tutorials are unlocked as part of the free download. Join Match “Join Match” allows you to fly with any other X‑Plane user currently in the region you select. In this first screen, choose an aircraft, a location and turn on any failures desired for your aircraft. Flying done using a combination of the pilot’s view of the outside world and the aircraft’s instruments. The button below that (labeled 3 in the image above) will fire the gun. These are places you can start your flight from, or AI aircraft may load on them. Strings of objects, defined by a path, often used for adding a series of runway lights. In all cases, the DSF file contains the coordinate location information and a reference to an art asset file that is stored separately.

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