Инструкция холодильник miele kfn 9755 ide

When built into a kitchen run (max. depth 580 mm) the appliance can be installed directly next to a kitchen furniture housing unit. See «Super» for more information. Do not leave bottles in the freezer for more than 1 hour, closed containers could burst. The indicator light on the ice cube maker is flashing. A fault has occurred. Caution! Risk of damage to the ice cube maker!

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Page 38: Caring For The Environment Caring for the environment Disposal of packing materials The cardboard box and packing materials are biodegradable and recyclable. See «Setting the temperature». The Super function automatically turns off after: Refrigerator: approx. All necessary parts are included with the appliance or can be ordered from Miele. There are lasers in the lighting (laser beam class 1M) which you should avoid looking at directly. Installation and repair work should be performed by a Miele authorized service technician. Side view of the freezer drawer open ^ Remove the lower freezer drawer. ^ Remove the blue protective film from the supplied air filter.

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Our goal is to prevent unauthorized (and untrained) service personnel from working on your Miele products, possibly doing further damage to them, you and/or your home. This results in higher energy consumption and a higher compressor temperature which can damage the compressor. This will help to distribute the temperature evenly throughout the cavity so all food will be chilled to about the same temperature. Page 32 The appliance will not turn off. However, if the opening angle of the door needs to be limited for any reason the hinges can be adjusted to accommodate this.

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Page 40 Plumbing ^ Open the water supply slowly and check the water system for leaks. ^ The appliance can now be connected to the electrical supply (see «Electrical connection»). Before using the appliance for the first time the water pipe should be purged of air by a qualified person. Please contact The packaging is designed to protect your local recycling authority about the the appliance from damage during possibility of recycling these materials. The water quality must conform to country requirements for drinking water. – The appliance is only suitable for connection to the cold water supply. Freezer tray The freezer tray can be used to freeze small items such as berries, herbs and… Page 23: Ice Cube Maker For the automatic ice cube maker to operate, it must be connected to the household water supply. These measurements do not take the cabinet front and the door handle into account;… Page 8: Niche Dimensions Niche Dimensions The location of the electrical outlet can be within a radius of 80″ from the appliance top center. Do not install the electrical outlet behind the appliance! Page 60 Alteration rights reserved / 3611 M.-Nr. 07 938 590 / 00 INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE TO OBTAIN THE MOST CURRENT PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS, TECHNICAL & WARRANTY INFORMATION. Should the cover be damaged or need to be removed due to damage, exercise caution. This helps maintain the nutritional value, vitamin content, appearance and taste of the food. Page 21: Freezer Calendar, Defrosting Frozen food can be defrosted in different ways: – in a microwave oven, – at room temperature, – in the refrigerator (the cold given off by the frozen food helps to keep the other food cold), – in a steam oven. Extension cords do not guarantee the required safety of the appliance (e.g., danger of overheating). Page 5 This appliance must be installed and connected in compliance with the installation instructions.

You do not need to remove this build-up, it will defrost and evaporate automatically with the heat generated by the appliance. This – Frequently opening the door or will prevent food smells or tastes from keeping it open for too long will affecting other foods and prevent food cause the temperature in the from drying out. Page 15 Temperature display brightness The brightness of the temperature display is factory-set to the lowest setting. The safety lock has been activated. (See «Safety Lock».) The interior lighting of the refrigerator section is not working. Do not remove the cover. These are automatically removed and defrosted by the appliance. During the operation of the ice cube maker, do not interrupt the water supply. You should also check the temperature inside the appliance from time to time. It is advisable to select setting if the door is opened frequently, large quantities of food are stored in a refrigerator or there is a high ambient temperature. For and left-handed door hinge, follow the instructions below. Page 24 Do not place any appliance which Air at the back of the appliance gets gives off heat, such as a toaster or warm. To ensure sufficient ventilation, microwave oven, on top of this the ventilation grilles must not be appliance, as this would increase covered over. Page 24: Automatic Defrost Automatic defrost Refrigerator section The refrigerator defrosts automatically.

FlexiLightIndividually adjustable glass shelf lightingThe new LED glass shelf lighting, FlexiLight, illuminates the interior with unparalleled brilliance without glare. Page 23 (as applicable to the design of the plug fitted). The correct fuse rating of the replacement fuses that are ASTA approved to BS 1362 should be fitted. Page 6: Installation Dimensions Installation Dimensions Before installation, ensure the building-in niche is the correct size. Page 34 The ice cube maker is not turned on. See the data plate: «Freezing capacity…lb/kg/24 hrs». Freezing food Fresh food should be frozen as quickly as possible. Page 36: After Sales Service Miele Service department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele. All food stored in should therefore be switched off when the refrigerator section will be chilled to the room temperature is normal (below about the same degree. Page 28: Cleaning The Interior And Accessories (in the top of the door), proceed as follows: ^ Take the butter and cheese compartment out of the refrigerator section. ^ Open the lid of the compartment.

Page 13 Do not store explosive materials in Natural air circulation gives rise to the appliance or any products different temperature zones inside the containing combustible gas (e.g. refrigerator section. Page 19: Using The Refrigerator Efficiently, Different Storage Zones Coldest area The coldest area in the refrigerator section is directly above the fruit and vegetable drawers. Work by unqualified persons could be dangerous and may void the warranty. The condensate is drained away via a channel and drain hole into an evaporation system at the back of the appliance. This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor is switching on. Page 16: Alarm, Door Alarm, Turning The Alarm Off Alarm The appliance is equipped with an alarm system, to ensure that the temperature does not rise unnoticed. Page 37: Installation Instructions Installation instructions Information is subject to change. Cold, heavy air spray cans). Danger of explosion. sinks to the lowest section of the appliance. Page 2: Caring For The Environment, Disposal Of Your Old Appliance Caring for the environment Disposing of the packaging Disposal of your old appliance materials Old appliances may contain materials that can be recycled. Extension cords do not must comply with the applicable guarantee the required safety of the electrical code. Green/yellow = earth The fuse rating is 13 amps.

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